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Are you excited about life in the planet Nexus? There are many things to do in this mysterious land. If you love the adventure, you must make sure your spellslinger has a powerful gun to beat all ruthless creature in the creepy dungeons. Can your warrior confront with the brutal boss in raid? The game will be much more enjoyable if you could pull out the maximum potential of the class you are playing.

It is sad if your boredom comes from just a small matter by not having adequate funds to unlock new abilities or upgrade AMPs. Don't let this tiny problem block your way to join the epic battle between the Exile and Dominion. Strategy is of cause a important part to bring victory in PvP, but its alone isn't enough. Lacking of good gear set or supply could easily ruin your well prepared strategy. Actually, it is wised not to be in the warplots at all if you do not have at least a better-than-average equipment.

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