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Are you ready for the adventure life in the Nexus planet? As there are numerous things to do in this strange area with hidden dangers, it is important to make a proper preparation before making to a deeper journey. Are you sure that your warrior is strong enough to deal with those dangerous creatures in this Planet? Do your spellslinger has a powerful weapon to dish out heavy damage and slay enemies quickly? These things could not successfully achieved without a good set of gear on your side.

Wasn't it mournful if you realize this kind of problem very well but solving it seems to take too much time for you? You know that you really need to upgrade more powerful abilities and unlock a higher AMP tie higher tier AMPs, but you do not have enough gold to do it. In PvP mode, relying on abilities and tactics alone are enough, a set of solid gear is also important in case you want to be strong in the arena.

How could you win in the war plots if supply is still lacking because of insufficient fund? For a crafting lover, are you planing to spend all your game time and farm everything by yourself? Is it easier to buy from the market and craft what you need in the large amount within few time? Your time of enjoyment in WildStar Online significantly drops when your pocket are empty.

Advanced weapons, solid armors, skills&s purchasing are expensive. So how will you resolve your gold issue? Grinding is the most common choice for players who need gold. But do you want spend your precious time to the most boring things in MMORPG? Gold gring does not only consume too much enegy from you, it also delays your time to proceed to the Elder game, the defined goal for a lot of gamers.

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