Final Fantasy XIV Gil

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Why Buy FF XIV Gil

In FFXIV the endless grind is your destiny, just like it was in the other Final Fantasy games. As such, you will need tons of FFXIV Gil in order to be able to do anything in Eorzea. Without it you will have more of a chance to lose battles for which expensive gear, powerful weapons and skills are necessary. The further you advance to the new zone, the more difficult monsters to defeat. If you cannot afford for the better equipment. You really need to place your gears if you want to continue your journey. As well as those vicious primals who are almost invincible, the chance to beat them drops to zero if your arsenal and armory are not powerful enough. With more Gil to use you will be able to purchase shiny, new gear and become the Gladiator or the Thaumaturge to contend with.

Most players are losing their game experience because they need to have enough Gil to acquire new  weapon and armor to ensure that their journey in the new zone is smooth and comfortable. Is this what you play FFXIV for? Are you supposed to enjoy all the content such as storyline, or even crafting and housing? You can become a master instead of spending all of your time repeating the boring parts of this game for hours upon hours on end. After all, the point of playing MMORPG is to enjoy them and have fun.

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