Blade and Soul Gold

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Why Buy Blade and Soul Gold

Blade and Soul has thrill, adventure, and an intense setting. This is a mature mmorpg game developed by NSoft that offers excitement in big bundles. You can download, install, and play it live for free! It's an awesome martial arts role-playing game with an added twist of Korean fantasy and has already reached over 1 million players. If you do not want to miss out on any part of this game, buy the Blade and Soul gold and get enjoy the game to the fullest.

In case you are a newcomer in the land of Martial Artist, you can even consider to purchase Blade and Soul gold altogether with a signature pack from NCSoft , either the Student Bundle or the Duelist Bundle. This to make sure you can get everything you want or need for the greatest gaming experience ever. Packed in these bundles is a premium membership (for extra exp) for seven days in the student bundle and thirty days in the duelist. And when you buy Blade and Soul gold from us, you can have all necessary money to purchase the best weapon for all level ranges.

Additionally, there is a cash shop in the game where you can sell your gold for the Hongmoon coin. There are many "cosmetic items" like "the winter cat hat" as well as special keys item that can be used for many different reasons. Buying Blade and Soul gold is like shooting two birds with a single stone. You get the best gear for all level ranges. And you get cosmetics item to improve your character coolness. What a great deal!

What else should you buy Blade and Soul gold? The game keeps on getting better with more and more added content. For example, there are going to be a rising waters update that includes Hongmoon level 5 and seven floors of Mushin Tower. The new "Bloodshade Harbor" dungeon takes a lot of power to defeat, but you know that you want to.

To continue playing you have to have the best weapons and experience; get these things by buying Blade and Soul gold. There has even been talk of more playable classes (there are eight now). Don't you want to keep going? Don't you want to become more powerful so that you can experience the constant new content? Just easily buy the Blade and Soul gold from us so that you can continue to grow and enjoy more play.